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AQA Resources for GCSE and AS/A-Level
Specifications for First Teaching September 2015



AQA has provided teachers with a wide range of different resources designed to help you deliver these new specifications: this page is designed to help you access them.


If you have specific questions for AQA, you can contact the qualification-specific departments by email:

  •   GCSE:

  •   AS/A-Level:

      First port of call, of course, is the AQA website itself. The English section can be found here:


    Once you've clicked on the qualification you are looking for - GCSE here: or A-Level here:, you'll be presented with a choice of specifications at that level. Click on the relevant specification, and you'll see that resources are divided into three sections: Plan; Teach; Assess. This three-part structure should make it easier for you to find the resources you need.


      AQA's English e-Library is a valuable resource aimed at both GCSE and A-Level specifications. Here you'll find digital copies of the AQA poetry Anthologies, and also e-texts of the Shakespeare and GCSE 19th-century set texts. Even more useful is the audio, video and image content, and the ability to highlight and annotate texts. The e-Library can be used by students for independent learning, and teachers can message students and set homework tasks.

    The e-Library requires a log-in: schools nominate a lead user in the department, who can then grant teacher and student access. Check with the Head of Department for more details - or click here:

    You can find an introduction to the e-Library on YouTube:


      AQA has worked with Exampro to produce Exampro Highlights English. This resource for GCSE gives examples of real student responses to examination questions, with highlighting and annotation to demonstrate the assessment process and how the Assessment Objectives are addressed. Again, this is a free resource that requires a log-in: ask the Head of Department for more details or click here:

    You can find an introduction Exampro Highlights English on YouTube:


      Centres who have signed up to teach AQA English specifications receive termly copies of Voice magazine. The magazine contains articles on the English suite of specifications, focusing on planning, resourcing and teaching: many of the articles are written by classroom teachers sharing good practice and their experiences of the new specifications. If you don't have access to this useful resource, you can call the AQA subject team on 0161 953 7504.


      AQA also has a YouTube channel dedicated to the new English specifications. Click the logo or go here:


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