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Redrafting and Re-redrafting

Remember, for coursework assignments you should aim to get a grade HIGHER than you hope for in the examination - or else why bother? So... it is unlikely that your first draft will be the final one!

Read your work, preferably aloud, and ask yourself at the end of each paragraph, "What point was I trying to make there?" and "How does that point advance my argument?" If you can't answer both satisfactorily, it's probably time to replan your essay and rewrite. The result will be worth it.

Check too for slips in expression, punctuation and spelling: careless errors cost marks and (are seen by the marker to) reflect your attitude to the task.

Finally, remember that all writers draft:

    A line will take us hours maybe;
    Yet if it does not seem a momentís thought,
    Our stitching and unstitching has been naught.

(W.B.Yeats, "Adam's Curse")

Good luck with your essay writing!

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