Lower School English
  (Years 7-9)

Our students are taught English in their Form group for the first two years, and in the Third Year are divided into five sets, the middle three of which are equal ability. Students receive five lessons a week in the First and Third Years, and four lessons in the Second Year. In addition, students also enjoy separate Drama lessons.

Specialist help for those with specific difficulties in English is provided by our specialist support teacher, Ms Airey.

In our teaching we emphasise the need for correct English in both writing and speaking, whilst encouraging creativity and self-expression. Literature is studied at all levels, and forms the focus for language and role-play work. We place a high priority on encouraging reading, and students in the first two years spend one lesson a week in the School Library. Modern Technology is also explicitly incorporated into our teaching, and all dedicated English rooms have an interactive whiteboard. Students also can visit our IT block for word processing, DTP and Internet research.

The Internet can be of great help for both student and parent. Some useful sites are listed below.

     click     ICTeachers provide useful links to interesting sites: including "favourite authors". There is also information for parents available.

     click     Channel 4's "4 Learning" site has useful pages, including"Homework High", which allows students to ask teachers for help, and to search previously asked questions.

     click     BBC's comprehensive listing of web resources for all subjects.

     click     The best way to improve in English - and other subjects - is to read. Try "What Should I Read Next?" for suggestions.

     click    Schoolzone has a good rating system for (4000 at present) educational websites, as well as other free resources for teachers, students and parents.

     click    This is the Guardian educational resource: again, free to use. It contains a wealth of resources and on-line lessons for the 11-18 age-range.

     click    Geoff Barton has a large range of resources for the 11-18 student.

     click     The New York Times provides worksheets for parents and students which help to analyse the day's "featured article": excellent for English Reading skills.

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