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The Linear Plan

And now analyse! Look at your ideas, discard irrelevant/confused/uninteresting ones; select and order those which are promising.

The secret to writing an essay is to know what you want to conclude. Then, all you need is to ensure that your arguments move you towards this thesis!

First, remember that each paragraph shuld have only ONE point. More than one point: more than one paragraph!

Second, each point needs to be explored in three stages.

    MAKE the point;
    PROVE it by quotation or reference to the source text;
    DEVELOP it by showing why this is important to moving your thesis forward.

Third, you should start with the most OBVIOUS point, and end with the most IMPORTANT.

And remember, your essay will need a brief introduction, justifying the importance of the topiic you have chosen to explore, and a conclusion which states what your essay has shown.

With this in mind, you can write a brief (less than a side) essay plan, which LISTS the points you will make in the order you will make them.

Finally, ensure that your points have logical links: that there is an obvious movement from the previous point and to the following.

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 The Linear Plan

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