Sixth Form:
  English Literature

The study of English Literature is essentially a study of humanity. Writers throughout the ages have dealt with the same basic human concerns, ideals and emotions; students of literature investigate the cultural contexts that form the background to the texts, whilst analysing the ways in which the writers communicate emotionally and intellectually with the reader today.

The subject requires an open mind, an eagerness to enter into debate (with the texts, the teacher and with fellow students), the ability to write structured essays, and, of course, an enjoyment of reading.

The subject aims to develop the analytical and critical faculties of students, to deepen their enjoyment of reading, and to encourage confident, fluent, reasoned argument both orally and in writing.

Texts studied range from the 14th Century to the modern day, and include poetry, prose and drama in a variety of genres.

English Literature combines well with all analytical subjects, and especially History, Modern Foreign Languages and Psychology; it is also a natural pair to Theatre Studies. English Literature also gives breadth to three Science based subjects.

For information about how the Department teaches the AS/A2 Specification, please follow this link.

    English Language

English Language A-Level is a very different subject from the English encountered at GCSE, although the analysis skills developed there will be a useful foundation: it is more wide-ranging, and offers opportunities for independent research into the most important aspect of our humanity the way we use language. If you are excited by language, then this would be a logical choice of subject.

The study of English Language at AS/A-Level develops the skills of analysis of language, both oral and written; teaches the development of modern English; teaches how infants acquire language; encourages students to tailor their writing and speech for particular audiences and purposes; and fosters the ability to read critically and evaluate the agenda behind the written and spoken word.

English Language combines well with History, Politics, Psychology, and Modern Foreign Languages; at AS it would give breadth to three Science based subjects.

Those students contemplating English at University might also choose to take both English Language and English Literature to A-Level.

For information about how the Department teaches the AS/A2 Specification, please follow this link.

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