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  Essay Writing
Research Technique and Scholarly Practice

If you are wondering how to write an English essay, you might like to start at this link: Writing a good Literature essay. This explains mysteries such as 1PPP and MPD. Confused? Then you need to visit the page!

Effective research builds the foundation of an effective essay. I divide the essay-writing process into 6 sections:

    The scholar
  •   the essay title;
  •   research (including Internet Search technique);
  •   brainstorming;
  •   linear planning;
  •   citing sources and the Bibliography;
  •   redrafting and re-redrafting
Note that this makes no mention of the writing process: follow the first four steps and the essay should write itself! Seriously, the physical writing of the essay should be less time consuming than the planning of it.

Perfect Planning Prevents Pathetically Poor Performance

(army types will forgive the euphemism in the fourth "P"!)

During the A-Level course, you will have to write a number of essays. You will also, for AS, produce two assignments on different tragedies, with a word-limit of 1500 words for each,; and at A2 another two assignments, one comparing two texts of your choice (1500-2000 words) and one applying the AQA Critical Anthology to another text of your choice (1000-1500 words.) Please take note of the procedures I detail here: this will save you heartache in the future!

  The drudge

 The Essay Title

 Internet Search and Research


 The Linear Plan

 Footnotes and Bibliography


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