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  Literature Texts: an Introduction

Here are a number of critical introductions I have written for my students to a selection of AS and A-Level literature texts.

Some of them date back two or three specifications - so please report any broken links.

You are free to use these in a teaching or learning context, but if you are quoting from them, please cite your references! (See Research and Referencing - Tips for assistance here.)

  The drudge

 Writing an Essay - Tips

 Sixth Form Reading List

 Comedy: an Introduction

 Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice

 William Blake

 Chaucer: The Wife of Bath

 Coleridge: Rime of the Ancient Mariner

 John Donne: Selected Poems

 Euripides: Medea

 Gerard Manley Hopkins: Selected Poems

 Arthur Miller: The Death of a Salesman

 Milton: Paradise Lost

 Christina Rossetti Poems

 Shakespeare: Measure for Measure

 Shakespeare: Bradley and Leavis on Othello

 A-level Essays

 Literature Texts

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